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Jan Roberts, Founder of Cultural Innovations in Action, is heading out in Fall 2020 to film the documentary: On the Road Towards a New & Just Economy about a movement building prosperity for the many—not just the few. You can help raise money for her expedition, and preview the trailer for the documentary.

Solutions covered in the documentary include:
     •  Groundbreaking solutions for a New Economy that works for all.
     •  Initiatives remedying the foundation of today’s economy
         —the slave industry and theft of Native American lands.
     •  Jan’s reflections, confessions and self-growth

Inspiring Hope & Transforming Society

Innovative and practical solutions that take better care of us and our planet are taking place all around the country. These models include keys to systemic economic, social and environmental change.  Through theater and film, we spotlight innovators in the arts, education, economy and communities. Our video interviews include a conversational guide to serve as a catalyst for enlightening exchanges with family, friends, colleagues and fellow community members.

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Cultural Innovations in Action believes that most of us are influenced by the better angels of our nature and we have video stories that prove it.
Share a video with others, meet an Innovator, and indulge in food for thought and conversation.