Economic Development Strategist Bonnie Carr interviews Jan Roberts about upcoming documentary.

Jan’s Ground-Breaking Documentary on a Movement that is Building Prosperity for the Many Not Just the Few
As the daughter of working class immigrants, activist Jan Roberts is familiar with the struggles that hard working Americans have making ends meet for themselves and their families. After 45 years of activism, she is familiar with the solutions that are creating a new economy based on fairness and justice for all Americans.

On the Road Towards a New & Just Economy will provide an in-depth look at what is being done to address the growing wealth gap between the very rich and the working/middle class and the lingering injustice of millions of Americans that stems from the founding of the US economy on the industry of enslaved Africans and the theft of Native American lands. This documentary raises awareness of what can be and is being done at all levels—local, state and national—to promote healing morally and financially. Social innovators are engaged in solutions for reparations, reclaiming tribal lands, entrepreneurship, preservation of small businesses through conversion to employee ownership, commercial sized worker owned cooperatives, and city banks owned by the citizens to keep money local for projects like affordable housing. We can have an economy that works for all and it is happening on the ground around the U.S.

There is no real change without awareness so first and foremost, we need for these solutions to be known so they can be replicated. Your contributions will make possible a compelling documentary about solutions and the New Economy’s Social Innovators’ courage, persistence, and savviness that made them successful. It is imperative that these solutions become common knowledge so they can spread.

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