Zoom Videos: Toward A New & Just Economy

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Rebecca Adamson is an Indigenous Economist, Founder of First Nations Development Institute, Founder of First Peoples Worldwide and long time advocate of Indigenous rights. In this interview with Jan Roberts, Founder of Cultural Innovations in Action, Rebecca gives an awesome tutorial on the world view and principles of Indigenous economies.
William Darity, Ph.D. is researcher and economist and professor at Duke University. He is co-author of From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in 21st Century. He speaks about the History of Racial Wealth Inequity in this interview.
Ron Daniels, Ph.D. speaks about The National African American Reparations Commission’s Ten Point Plan for reparations. He is Founder and President of Institute of Black World 21st Century and a veteran political and social activist.
A. Kirsten Mullen, co-author of From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the 21st Century describes the hopeful realities of the Reconstruction Era and the forcefulness of the active forgetting effort to create the myth of the “Lost Cause” and the heroes of the confederacy that persists today. She is a writer, folklorist, museum consultant, and lecturer whose work focuses on race, art, history, and politics

A. Kirsten Mullen is co-author of From Here to Equality:Reparations for Black Americans in the 21st Century. The prosperity of this country is linked to the forced labor of the ancestors of 40 million black Americans and to the stolen land of the country’s indigenous people. At the center of any policies to address racial wealth inequity must be reparations.

Personal & Community Healing is Essential to a Plan for Reparations. Hakim Williams,Ed.D. speaks about his journey as a child born in poverty in Trinidad to realize his calling as a healer. He is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Director of Peace & Justice Center at Gettysburg College and conducts restorative circles in Black communities.

There is a portfolio of options for healing including a Truth & Reconciliation Commission. Hakim Williams, Ed.D., Director of Peace & Justice Studies and Professor of Africana Studies at Gettysburg College conducts restorative circles in the U.S. and Trinidad.

Civil Rights Attorney Steve Hanlon and his team’s victory for Rosewood reparations in 1994 was the first win for descendants of African Americans, who had suffered White violence after the Civil War. He shares the strategy used to convince the State of Florida of their moral and legal obligation.
Steve Hanlon, J.D. is a longtime public interest and civil rights attorney focused on the connection of the law with public policy. He has successfully fought for systemic change for public defenders in order to provide true justice to their indigent clients at the state level and his fight in now going national. Stephen F. Hanlon https://www.lawyerhanlon.com/
Public Interest and Civil Rights Attorney Steve Hanlon won reparations for the 1923 horrific Rosewood Massacre by White Terrorists. Here is how he did it.
Bre Perez and Christina Flint-Lowe are daughters of full blooded Creek mothers. They grew up feeling “not seen” growing up and living in Florida. They share their journey to connect to their Indigenous roots and how they are enabling their children to do the same in a society that ignores their culture.
Bre Perez and Christina Flint-Lowe are daughters of full blooded Creek mothers and grew up in Florida. They share their thoughts about the violence against Indigenous women, the results of Manifest Destiny and Governmental Treaties on Indigenous lands and the growing Land Back Movement.