We are grateful to supporters of an economy that works for all :

  • Advocates $2,500 Andrea & Mark Floyd
  • Premiere Sponsors $1,000 Judy Ryan; Amy & John Haile
  • City Sponsors $500. Patti Breckenridge & Sue Clark; Val Gallina & George Sherman; Greg Gruendel & Holly O’Brien; Moira Burke
  • Partners $250. Mimi & David Stamps; Molly & Jim Crews; Paddy Moses; Shelia & Bill Roberts
  • Agent of Change $100. Louise Thompson; Mark Klisch; Maria Luisa da Silva Valle; Arlen & Sandra Mohler; Rita Iacino; Susan & Bob Dellinger
  • The Golden Age $82 (Jan’s Age) Amy Walsh & Susana Darwin
  • Navigator $75 Barbara Steck
  • Easy Rider $50 Tank of Gas Victoria Jorgensen; Celia Petters; Kate & Pete Marnane; Bonnie Saks & Bradley Minnen;

Cities Along the Way

The Road Trip begins April 1st and north from Tampa along the East Coast to New York City and then heads west towards Cleveland ending up in Olympia, WA before going south to San Diego and then back to Tampa, FL arriving approximately May 13th.

Durham NC; Washington DC; Gettysburg, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Princeton, NJ; New York City; Pittsburgh, PA; Meadville, PA’ Cleveland, OH; Elizbethtown, KY; Evanston, IL; Bloomington, MN; Little Canada, MN; Porcupine, SD; Browning, MT; Helena, MT; Olympia, WA; Klamath, CA; Santa Rosa, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Vinita, OK; Montgomery, AL